About the Tasmanian Principals Association

The TPA has been in existence since 2004 and is an Incorporated Association under the Associations Incorporation Act 1964, with an elect president and State Executive. The responsibility of the State Executive is to provide effective governance and oversight of TPA’s strategic operations, as outlined in its strategic plan.

We have strong presence in, and links to, the national associations of principals: Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA), Australian Government Primary Principals Association (AGPPA), and Australian Secondary Principals Association (ASPA).

The TPA:
  • Develops position statements on major issues, communicating views to the wider education community.  
  • Facilitates regular meetings, forums, conferences and seminars for the advancement of education and the professional development of members.
  • Networks with organisations and individuals who share a common commitment to Government Education.
  • Is recognised by Government, Department of Education, media, the non-Government school sector and community organisations as the respected voice of primary and secondary education.

Our Mission

The TPA exists to develop and support government school leaders in Tasmania through
  • Professional support ;
  • Professional learning; 
  • Professional advocacy.

Our Vision

TPA wants all Tasmanian government school leaders to be highly skilled and work with a prime focus on developing the finest quality teaching in our schools. 

We want our school leaders to be healthy, highly valued, strongly supported people who are key to the social and economic development of Tasmania.

We want to be influential in educational decision making and will create productive alliances in Tasmania, nationally and internationally.

Our Beliefs and Values

The TPA believes that high quality public education for all is a foundation for our state. Public education underpins democracy, mitigates against social inequities, builds robust communities and enhances an individual’s life chances.

High quality public education leaders must be supported systemically, collectively and individually.

The TPA believes that it can play a vital role in educational policy design, planning and implementation. We value fairness, integrity, trust, equity, teamwork and collaboration, humour, fun and a strong work ethic in the context of a healthy, happy life/work balance.

Our History

From the formation of the Launceston Headmaster’s Association in 1958, the evolution of this organisation culminated in the amalgamation of the Tasmanian Primary Principals Association (TPPA) and Tasmanian Secondary Principals Association (TSPA) in 2004. Together they formed the Tasmanian Principals Association.

Tasmanian Principals Association
PO Box 607, New Norfolk TAS 7140
0457 526 372
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