Tough Conversations with Michael Hawton




Holding students, parents or staff accountable for bad behaviour and breached expectations. For School Principals, Assistant Principals, School Leaders and School Business Managers.

 The Presenter

Michael Hawton is a psychologist, trained teacher and author. He has worked in the Family Court. He is a highly-experienced mediator and has developed several nationally-recognised parenting and teacher PD courses. These programs have been taught to over 100,000 professionals, parents and teachers, since 2006.

Tuesday 28 March 2017, Professional Learning Institute, Timsbury Road, Glenorchy - Register link

Thursday 30 March 2017, Penguin District Centre, Penguin - Register link

Friday 31 March 2017, Tailrace, Waterfront Drive, Riverside - Register link

Time 8.30am – 4.30pm

$389.00 – TPA & IST Members

$469.00 – Other/Non Members

What’s included:

  • Training in how to conduct difficult conversations using a script to achieve accountability
  • A text book and manual
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • A terrific opportunity to spend time with other leadership teams

Expected learning outcomes:

  • Improved knowledge of how to negotiate a solution to a problem using a scripted mediation process.
  • Better understanding of how to remain less affected by someone becoming frustrated and how to manage their emotional distress.
  • Key ideas to progress the conversation towards a pre-planned outcome.
  • Practical demonstrations of principals managing difficult parent behaviour. What to do and what to say.
  • Readings & literature for follow-up research.

Lesson Framework:

  • Why people overreact.
  • Self-control factors in adults and young people.
  • How ‘frustration tolerance’ develops in people.
  • What to tolerate: sorting out what to let go ‘through to the keeper’ and what needs your attention.
  • Key principles of customer service management.
  • What people will do if you challenge them.
  • A step-by-step process to address ‘a problem’.
  • How to tame tigers - effectively dealing with offensive behaviour.
  • A video demonstration of the concepts applied to a tough conversation between a parent and a principal.

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